Religious Figures

Whether it be from the Iconoclastic Madonnas or the serine Buddhas every culture has its recognizable Religious figures that leave a significant mark on our world. To many these personages are not only the faces of cultures but the examples of the way we should live our lives. Because of their influence on the different parts of the world it is important to explore and understand the back stories that made these cultures what they where and how they evolved to today. These pieces show perfect example of just that and how important they were in each time period.     

It was quite normal in Egyptian culture to see animal heads placed on human bodies to depict deities and supernatural abilities. It is also normal to see that the are a couple, showing equality in both genders
This bust depicts goddess Isis in a European stature with beautiful necklaces and flower headpiece showing her universal influence, not only reaming in Egypt where her origins began.
Buddha searching for enlightenment with rare pose of touching the ground. Legend has it that is rare pose is due to Buddha avoiding Mara the god of desire efforts to distract him.
Ganesha Hindu god of intellect,wisdom and remover of obstacles. Is recognizable for his elephant head. Another example of deities with animal heads.
Prime example of Fabriano's Gothic style with gold background and darkly clothed Mary holding baby Jesus. The gold background was made to represent a divine scenario.
Beautiful gold altar piece depicts the masses welcoming baby Jesus as the adorn one. Underneath shows Mary's travels from Bethlehem with incredible gold leaf application detail as a whole.
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