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inner-kaleidoscope enchanting

Balson; the darker background and paler middle moves and soothes the eye; wish I could put such a piece on an extremely slow "wall lazy-susan" so it was at a diff angle whenever you saw it;
Balson; interesting that one could have this much hidden glee & not-disintegration in the middle of a Grimest War;
cows, cows bask always; modern art on the hoof; as often, the shadows rule; shadow as a verb: late O.E. sceadwian "to protect as with covering wings"
field, fence; high horizon; fences are an interesting inner & outer development from the nomad version & vision;
men, nets, fishing, So. Africa;the effect of no horizon, only WATER; the teal surprising; the tension of angular & curved;
lion, wall ancient; querulous rather than fierce lion; tho he might take a nibble out of Heracles; the laid-back ears do not bode well; the blues & tawnys great; quel wall!
Delaunay, Museu Coleccao Bernardo; verve & nerve in a ying/yang constraint;
houses, great color, the motion of emotion; Mgudlanlu
still life, oerder; love the reflections of onions in bowl; angle of view notable;
coeter; nothing like rampaging chicken feathers , tho in Real Life, in The holo- Masterpiece feathers are even more on fire;
laubscher; tho not particularly skillful, it is compelling;
Kupka, for someone who does stained glass, this is pretty irresistible; the keeness of light and glass;
daumier; interesting that there's no bridle on Sancho's burro -- it just follows Quxiote apparently, tho there's no apparent bridle on Rosinante either . .
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