I like this photo because it has two planets in it and Earth has lots of detail on it which is good because you can see all the little fetuers.
I like this picture because inside the planet there are lots of little pictures which makes it unique. It's also abstract.
I really like the rocky landscape in this picture, it really looks 3D. The colours are well used and are making the planet look realistic.
I like this picture because its a massive globe and it has lots of detail on it.
I like this model because its got lots of little craters in it and I can vividly feel the texture of it in my mind.
I like this picture because it's a very simple thing but the effect that it has look really cool.
I like this one because the little stars look really nice and it looks as if they're glowing.
I like this because I can see a story out of it, the blackness at the bottom is a black whole and it's consuming on the yellow planet, a sun.
When you look at the whole picture I don't like it that much, but when you zoom in it look cool.
This looks like an old peace of equipment and it has planet and a star on it, that's why I like it.
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