''''''''Emotionally Symmetric''''''''

I felt this was an obvious match for the theme,
I enjoy the symmetry between the structures that seem almost functional.
I really like pieces that offer shock value.. it is also very symmetric.
Most of the theme is provide in the encasement but the subject again offers shock value
Architectural symmetry
This definitely has shock value. The overall form could be split down the middle and reversed to reveal the symmetric value.
Brilliant color work and symmetry
a great example of symmetry, it speaks cleanly and the contrast is provided with accents of shadow
Spot on symmetry with a color flow fabric
This may be my favorite piece in the collection. It has so many questions and suggestions and this is where the theme places itself.
The symmetry i s provide in the contrast. These colors seem to use each other to create form
Nature often supplies the symmetry in life, but this backdrop is rarely found in nature
I an fascinated with subtle. Simple is moving and timeless. This has base line symmetry.
Every inch of this work screams symmetry.
Priceless, this work suggests talent, unique and moving. I can almost taste the color and get pulled in by the line work, it has occasional symmetry that add to an abstract construct.
Classical,traditional,geometric dated symmetry.
This work speaks simultaneously with symmetric whispers.
I fall into this work with symmetric imprisonment.
This mask could easily be split in half and each side set on a mirror to create twice the art.
This is my favorite. Total emotion.I am a fan of suggested form and would die for a collection of Clyfford Still.
I am glad I could put a different medium in the collection
Another Clyfford Still. This theme could be all Clyfford Still.
Credits: All media
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