Chinese art

Chinese Art from the Shang and Zhou Dynasty's. Most of the pieces I have put in here were used for ritual purposes. They all have very intricate details and a significant meaning for why they were made.

From the late Shang Dynasty, slowly started to disappear during the Zhou Dynasty. Its a bronze container for certain kinds of precious wines, and the loop handle is generally used for carrying.
From the late Shang Dynasty, the head has rabbit ears and giraffe horns. The back has the shape of an ox head. The body has phoenix patterns, and the oval base has phoenix claw patterns.
This is from the middle Shang Dynasty. It was probably used in religious ceremonies and most likely held wine. The wide top helps with the pouring of the wine.
This is from the Shang Dynasty. The animal heads on the side make me think strength so even though its a wine vessel it may have been used in some sort of sacrifices and ceremonies.
This vessel was used to either hold food or cook food. Most likely used only for ritual significance. To me it looks a lot like works from the Spring and Autumn Period of the Zhou Dynasty.
This bell is from the Shang Dynasty. Typically they were arranged in groups from five to three and played with the mouth facing upward. Some bells were smaller and could be held in your hand an played
This vessel was considered a sign of wealth, an was used to hold meat at ancestor-worship ceremonies. The purpose of these ceremonies was to keep the ancestors happy and ask for their aid in struggles
The little intricate patterns placed inside small rectangles cover this canteen. It was most likely used for ceremonies and ritual purposes.
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