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Paul Cézanne was Post-Impressionist French painter. His small brush strokes and unique colors make people recognize him at first look. We can see geometric shapes and thick lines. He has many paintings such as still life, landscapes and iconic works. He used single-point perspective.
Juan Gris was Spanish sculptor and painter. As we see from his artwork called " Portrait of Pablo Picasso" , he was following the Cubism movement. He influenced greatly by Pablo Picasso who was the pioneer of Cubism movement. Because, this painting was one of his first works, its analytical cubism which is a first step of Cubism. He then created his own style by following Synthetic Cubism.
This painting is one of Courbet's important works. Maybe the most sensational one. He followed the Realism. Courbet was always giving his ideas to people through his artworks in political or social subjects. In this painting of him, people are at burial. Before then, in the paintings people would have more painfull expressions and it would be more theatrical way. It's like a photograph frame that everything seems in properly realistic. It isn't beautiful for that age. Because it looks realistic, many people acused him for his ugly drawing.
Claude Monet is one of the most popular French Impressionist painter. His most famous painting is Sunrise. Impressionists show us brush strokes unlike other realist painters. Color and light relationships are the most important. Because they are the one the painting seem like impressionist painting. In "Poplar on the Epte" , we can see brush strokes and soft colors which involved with reflection from the water. It is surely represents impressionist movement.
Ginevra De' Benci's portrait was well drawn by L.Da Vinci. Her facial expression and the feeling from her eyes are really eye-chatching. Since her name was Ginevra, Leonarda was referring to her name by drawing juniper trees in the behind. Juniper or gunepro in italian, symbolizes pain and sorrow. In fact, other than this pun, there is no another symbolic draws in painting for her name or another thing. But we can say her name and her facial expressions of her pain/ sorrow are relate together. As we know, Leonardo Da Vinci involved in High Renaissance, though this painting of him was drawn by him in early period.
The most famous Expressionist and one of my favorite painters Edward Munch was Norwegian painter. He followed Expressionism Movement. Lines and colors are really important in expressionism. His most famous painting is "The Scream". It is nearly iconic painting. In this paintings he used red and purple colors together to give us the anxiety feeling like its name. It surely similar to his painting "The Scream". Edward Munch believes that painters should not just paint the real thing also give the feeling of his idea and emotion.
Caspar David Friedrich,was 19th century German Romantic landscape painter. He is known for his gothic and morning mists. In this painting, we can also see the mistic air and gothic ruins.
Salvador Dali, was a Spanish surrealist painter who also lived in 20th century. Since he died more later than the other famous painters I have more feeling for him. One of my favorite painters actually along with the Manet. Theirs styles are different but both gave the their mind's feeling. Surrealism sure is imaginary thing. But Dali makes real via his paintings.
Even though we know Pop Art thanks to Andy Warhol, Roy Lichtenstein is also famous for pop art. He describes his works "artificial as much as possible". They ofently use irony to cricitizes .
My favorite painting of Manet. He was a French painter. He followed both Impressionism and Realism. He cricitized many facts in our life. People criticized nude women in the painting very harshly and it exhibited in Salon des Refusés.
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