The Peaceful View

The images that I selected to put together are based around two of my favourite things in life: water and hills/mountains. I decided to select these images because of how they give off a sense of calmness, relaxation and peace when viewed. All scenes I chose are looking out over the water to a mountain because I wanted to allow each viewer to make their own interpretation of what the scene might look like in real life and how they might feel when viewing the images.   

Image – Mount Katahdin from Lake Millinocket

Visual Analysis: The following image is a painting done in 1878. The artist has used techniques that allow for a subtle and natural scene of the landscape. The colours are not too strong and the blue and cream seem welcoming and inviting as if encouraging someone to swim in the lake. The image looks like a great place that one would go for a relaxing day on the beach.  

Course Theme: This image relates to the theme of mass media and appealing to the masses. The image is one that seems very neutral with nothing extremely distinct about it or popping out and grabbing your attention. This painting seems like it could be one that is placed in any area and still feel as though it belongs. It could be put in a museum, a family home, a restaurant by the water, a retirement home, a shop or an office and still probably appeal to most of the people travelling throughout that space.

Image – View of Tiberias

Visual Analysis: The following image is a painting done in 1933 in black and white. The artist of this image seems to have created a painting that has a more harsh and rugged landscape by the trees/shrubs in the foreground. The artist could possibly be showing an area of the world that is not yet extremely developed in terms of society and where the people rely more heavily on nature.   

Course Theme: This image relates to the theme of globalization. This painting although done in 1933 with the help of globalization and technology can be viewed in various countries around the world and by various cultures. Through globalization the image can be used to teach other people about the time period or landscape and can spark an interest to learn more.

Image – Windermere at Sunset

Visual Analysis: The following image is a painting done in 1786. The artist of the painting has created the mood and setting that occurs during a sunset by having shadows in the scene and light only coming from the left hand side of the image. The image looks like it could be the location of an internal camping site because of the cove it looks like it may be in and the rocks in the lower right hand corner.

Course Theme: This image relates to the theme of viewer makes meaning. This image although simply of a landscape with a sunset may take on different meanings for different individuals. Depending on an individual’s experiences with nature and water they may view the painting positively in that they want to continue to explore what it has to offer or negatively as to not venture to a place so remote. The context in which this image is viewed can also contribute to how a viewer engages with the image. If it is viewed in a gallery it may have a different meaning than if viewed at a camping store.  

Image – Mount Wellington and Hobart Town from Kangaroo

Visual Analysis: The following image is a painting done in 1834. The artist seems to have created a scene showing a community of people living and celebrating beside the lake and the mountain. The scene shows the people around a fire in which you can see the smoke in the painting; this may indicate that they are celebrating a ritual or special occasion. The contrast in brightness on the mountains verse the foreground has allowed the artist to create a sense of time in the image.  

Course Theme: This image relates to the theme of gaze. In this image a relationship of power is being created between the artist who is painting the scene and the individuals who are depicted in the image. The artist has control over how the people are display and viewed in the image, whereas the individuals around the fire may have had no knowledge that they would be painted and probably have no way of saying if they are comfortable with how they are presented. Whether the image was not painted off of a real scenario or not the relationship can still exist for viewers.   

Image – Hutt Valley

Visual Analysis: The following image is a painting done in 1900. The artist of the image seems to want to draw the viewer’s focus to the water and beach as these are the brightest areas of colour on the painting and set in the foreground. The painting looks as though the viewer is out in the lake/ocean looking in towards the land instead of the other way round creating a sense of distance.

Course Theme: This image relates to the theme of realism. This image seems as though it is representing a small lake/ocean town community and landscape. The image is trying to accurately represent nature (the mountains, grey sky and blue water) and the lifestyle of the people (who are isolated in the mountains, and a small community by the shore) for the time period. This would help future generations to get a better understanding what life was like in the 1900’s.  

Credits: All media
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