INto the mind of the Invisible Man by H.G. Wells

Directed by docent Jackson Azula

SELECTED EPIGRAPH: “Alone-- it is wonderful how little a man can do alone! To rob a little, to hurt a little, and there is the end.” (Page 54) Griffin is truly a lone wolf in this story. He lost both of his parents, and is has no one to care for him. Even with the idea of being invisible, life has become plain and dull.
UNIVERSAL THEME: For me this picture represent Griffin's mental strength. He is on the brink of insanity, and feels that he is starting to loose his grip on reality. In this picture, a man is very close to the edge of a cliff. For me, this shows how close Griffin was to loosing all stability. For most of the book his state deteriorates and almost looses it.
TONE: I chose the tone of desperation. This symbolizes Griffin after he flees Iping. He is exhausted, confused, and needs help. He is exposed to the elements, and needs someone to help him. But with word going around that there was an invisible man, no one will let their guard down. Getting around will become much harder for Griffin, and he is desperate for help.
HISTORICAL SETTING: These boots are very old, and could come from the early 1900's, which is around the books takes place. Also, they remind of the boots that Thomas Marvel find in the ditch. This is where Griffin, meets him, and realizes how useful he would be.
CONNECTIONS: These books to me represent the books that held the secret to Griffin's invisibility. While it seems to be written in a unknown launguage, Griffin can somehow understand it. My connection is to a lot of adventure books or movies that involve key item(s) with secrets in them.
A DAY IN THE LIFE: This painting symbolizes how the solidarity of being invisible has driven Griffin insane. He has no one to house him, and cannot get help.
MANDALA: I feel that this represents Griffin. On the outside he is harsh and tough, but on the inside he is weak. He is desperate for someone to comfort him, and is very fragile emotionally.
Credits: All media
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