Places I would Like to Visit

These are places and landmarks I wish to visit in my lifetime. They all have extreme art value, and are huge parts of ach countries rich culture.

St. Peter's Basilica is located in Vatican city, Rome. It is built of limestone, brick, and marble. This beauty was designed by 6 different architects, my favorite of the time period being Gion Lorenzo Bernini. The whole theme of this building goes along with its rich history in Catholic culture.
The famous Sphinx in Egypt is of course made up of the limestone bedrock of the Muqqatam Formation. There is many speculations as to who actually built the sphinx, but it was built to compliment the pyramids which are close by.
Located in Agra, India it is made up of ivory-white marble. This material makes this monument absolutely breath taking. It was completed in 1643 to house a tomb of Emperor Sah Jahan's wife Mumtaz Mahal.
The Eiffel Tower screams Paris. It has come to be known as a cultural icon. Built out of wrought iron, it is incredibly heavy and durable. The architects responsible for this world renown beauty is Gustave Eiffel, and Stephen Sauvestre.
In Shanghai there are many temple gates to gaze at. They are made up of all different types of materials. These gates are each unique to the temple they accompany. This aspect makes them a must see to help appreciate this rich culture.
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