The four Ninja turtles of the renaissance

by: Leah Winter

1.I chose this painting because it was very colorful even though it is sad and depressing due to the torturous monsters depicted in it. 2. This is a renaissance painting because there is scenery in the background and it has perspective.
1. The angelic creature depicted in this painting drew my attention because I am fascinated with myths and supernatural stories. 2. This is a renaissance painting because of the movement shown in the clothing and the perspective.
1. What took my attention in this painting was the colors used greens and blues, some of my favorite colors. 2. Perspective and daily life prove that this is a renaissance painting.
1. This masterpiece from Donatello shows imagery and beauty in different shades of grey. What made me decide to choose this exact work of art where the details and palm trees in the background that I found really cool. 2. The movement, daily life, and perspective all delineate that this is renaissance art.
Credits: All media
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