Nature at its best

This is from 1900-2015, North America, Photographs of nature at its best. In some of the pictures please take note of individual blades of grass, a stump in one picture etc. In other photos the overall beauty of nature. In all the pictures, they are are a classic of beauty. I hope that you enjoy these scenes as much as I have in finding them in this art gallery for you to enjoy.

In this scene, I love the way the grass is shown, when blown up, the individual blades are seen. Over all the scene is beautiful. Since I have never been to Colorado, this is a great way to learn about America. Nature at its best. I have always loved nature and all its wondrous glory.
After studying this picture, I like the way desert is shown with some grass. The person's feet and legs stands out and makes the desert scene come into focus even more. This makes a perfect nature scene. The clarity of the different things balances out nature at its best.
This picture is a beauty in itself. Here the stumps stand out in the swamp. The trees and rocks make a wonderful background. When looked at this as a whole its makes me enjoy nature at its best. Makes me want to go fishing. I hope if you blow this picture up, please take time look at the stump up close.
This picture makes me smile. I understand how this cow is happy and showing her affection to her owner. Being raised on a farm, I have seen some glorious days where nature has something good to offer each day.
When I see this picture I am reminded at how fast a storm can upon you. The child is seeing sunshine and wants to go out and play. The mountain in the background has a beautiful backdrop. A bush in the front is on its on allowing to see ground in the background. I think this nature at its best is a good picture to look at.
In this scene of San Francisco, The highway branching out, the apartments in the background, the ocean with a island background, trees.This shows how people know how to make a city look beautiful. I think this nature at its best says a lot for San Francisco.
This picture is nature at best. Summer time, going to the creek to get cooled off. The trees are in full bloom, there is dirt path to the creek, sun shining wonderful. Skinny dipping and making sure the coast is clear. Brings back good memories.
With this scene in mind. I noticed the sun setting in the background and sending kind of a like a fog in the city. The people are walking down a sidewalk enjoying the peaceful evening. The man in the wheelchair seems to be bowing his head as if sending of thankfulness for a wonderful day.
Here in this scene I picked, with San Francisco showing the city in the background, This picture shows just masjectic nature is in all her glory. I love the way the city is branched out but compact together and everything is interlaced together. With a sunset in the background this would be perfect.
In this winter wonderland scene I chose, the snow has blanket the land, a creek running under the bridge, the houses stand out each one, a barn off to side is a beauty and breath taking scene altogether. The fence goes around the road to help guide people from running off the road Nature at its best in beauty for winter..
In this picture I chose, I love the mountains background and trees in the foreground. A fog is settling down giving a spooky feeling that we are alone in this world. This picture I love the most because I live near the mountains and love walking out seeing a fog settling down on the ground.
Credits: All media
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