Although the artist does not convey realistic texture in his paintings, the colors he uses are harmonized. They blend in a way that makes viewers feel the emotion portrayed; which is what harmony is.

Whistler uses different pinks. The woman has porcelain skin and pink is known as the color of beauty. I chose this painting because it does not have realistic texture and is an example of harmony.
There is a lot of blues in this painting to represent the night sky. The sun is the only other color to show that it is, in this case, nocturnal. There is also no realistic texture.
This painting is literally called "Harmony". It uses flesh colors and reds to create something that blends together. Again, there is no realistic texture, but the combination of the colors hide that.
This has the least realistic texture. The darkness let's us gain an idea of what people do alone. The red room may have something to do with death while the yellow rooms may be having a good night.
This piece is extremely close to having realistic texture. The blues and golds help to enhance the realism. These two colors are well known to harmonize as well.
This girl is entirely harmonized in blues. Although the painting is more than 75% blue, Whistler adds a touch of flesh tones to accent it.
The cap and the dress the woman is wearing in this painting is the same color. There is harmony, but not much because there is more brown than anything. The focal point is to the green cap.
Again, the colors blend perfectly. However, the focal point of this painting is the glove, but you cannot see it clearly. Realistic texture is continuously not being portrayed in Whistler's art.
This is my favorite piece because it is calming and the colors are very well harmonized. Even though there is no realistic texture, it catches my eye because of how Whistler utilized the space.
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