Contrast in Nature - Kayla Hargrove

The theme of this gallery is to showcase artworks based around nature, all of which have contrasting features. There are many things in nature that play off of one another through contrast. Through this gallery, you will see several images that represent this theme.

This piece depicts people arriving or leaving the land. The large tree is the first thing you notice in the painting. It contrasts with the sky in the image.
This is a painting of a simple stag beetle. It contrasts with the "ground" of the image, since it's a dark color, and it appears to pop off the page.
This image is of three fish. While you can see all three of them, you first notice the two in the front. Like the stage beetle, the subjects pop right off the page.
This piece shows a lone tree in the foreground. It is the darkest element in this painting. As you move further back into the painting, everything becomes lighter.
This image is of a building with a couple of trees. It is very simplistic as far as style. The trees in the background of this image are very dark compared to the building and the sky.
This painting is of a landscape with a person in the middle. The contrast here is with the trees against the sky, and down below where the man is. It's very light compared to the surroundings.
This painting is of a simple landscape. The dark green mountains in the far distance are in stark contrast with the grass and the sky.
This image is of a large tree in the foreground. The tree is the first thing you notice, because it's the largest and the darkest part of the image. It stands out from the rest of the photo.
This painting is of a man on his horse. The background is very pale in comparison to the man and the horse, creating the contrast. The artist has made an interesting choice in showcasing his subjects.
This is a landscape full of trees by a lake. Notice the contrast between the trees and the lake. There is also a small amount of contrast in the center of the grass as well, where the animals are.
Credits: All media
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