Collection of a series of religious artworks. Everything from oil paintings, sculptures, and pencil drawings. This collection varies from the early 1400's to the early 1900's.

In this art piece painted by Francesco Hayes. We see Mary Magdalene kneeling at the foot of Jesus Christ during his crucifixion. You will notice that the brightest part of the piece is in the center; which emphasis both Mary and Jesus.
In this artwork, Archangel Michael is seen battling the fallen angels from heaven. Different varieties of monster are painted. Bruegel uses unity which brings the whole piece together and movement to emphasis the battle that is waging.
Ivanov painted "The Apparition of Christ to the People." Just is depicted to appear out over the hill in the background. This painted is bright and full of color. It brings a warm feeling to the observer.
Cadore painted a portrait of Jesus Christ before being crucified. He is painted with the thorns on his head, the sash they draped over, and a staff. Here Cadore uses balanced thought his whole piece. Jesus takes the same amount of space through the whole piece. He uses symmetry to achieve this balance.
Albrecht Dürer drew Adam and Eve when they were being tempted to eat from the forbidden tree. Each shown holding an apple. Both figures are drawn to the same proportion. Adam and Eve are drawn over a dark background to bring focus upon them.
Auguste Rodin sculpted a door to depict the gates of hell. This was taken from Dante's "The Divine Comedy." He uses the entire space of the door to depict the scene. Unity is shown through out the entire door to it together.
Riemenchneider the Bishop Saint Burchard of Wurzburg. His right hand is depicted as if he were blessing someone. His left hand use to hold a crozier. Riemenchneider uses great detail in the facial expressions. He whole piece is well balance and proportioned.
Agostino di Duccio sculpted Archange Gabriel. Gabriel is sculpted standing tall and upright; while holding flowers in her left hand. The whole sculpture is well balanced and everything seems perfectly proportioned.
Daniel Chester sculpted a statue of a winged female creature. The size of the wings give it a impression of a powerful figure or something that would be watching over someone. The way the wings were sculpted, gives an impression of movement. As if she would be flapping her wings.
LS Lowry drew St Augustine's Church. The church takes up most of the space of the drawing. It captures the size of the church. Vertical lines are used to depict the size of the church. He darkens the church but keeps its surrounds bright to bring focus to it.
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