Sarah Williams This gallery shows that lines are used to both draw the viewer's attention and distract from other elements of the piece. They can be bold or subtle, obvious or understood, but no matter how they are utilized, they are vital to the flow of the work. I chose 8 somewhat dissimilar pieces to demonstrate the line's versatility regardless of the medium. 

The use of repetitious curved lines in this piece create a sense of organized chaos. It reminds me of a corn maze, which seems radical and dizzying from inside but understandable from above.
This piece uses mainly actual lines. The entire outline of the man is an example of an actual line, and the bow and violin work as directional lines that draw the viewer's attention to the face, which is hidden. Another example of actual line is the barrel the man is seated on.
I appreciate this piece because the lines are so bold and thick that they hold the viewer's attention. It was not until I really looked at the piece that I realized the shadow of a plane was pictured in the background.
I appreciate the way lines are used in fashion to distract from or accentuate certain features. This dress is designed to create straight lines (almost pleats) as the woman walks, directing one's eyes toward the waist. This is an exceptional use of directional lines, particularly for small wasted females.
I had no idea that knife drawings existed, but now I want one for my room. The actual, thick, straight lines create depth and texture, so much so that it looks as if the piece has dramatic, tangible ridges.
Although not as dramatic as the piece previously pictured, this painting uses subtle horizontal and vertical lines. The fencing, boats, shoreline, and river are horizontally juxtaposed by the vertical tree.
The lines of this piece are both actual and directional. I appreciate this work because the directionality of the lines creates a focal point, which makes an implied butterfly body from this angle.
This piece demonstrates the use of the contour line. Although it is a mere outline of this magnificent mountain, the work captures the beauty of its shape. It allows viewers to admire a single aspect of Cayambe at a time.
Credits: All media
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