Hanoof Alaameri

This is one of my favorite pieces from munch's collection. The great deal of expressionism 'Screams' the emotion out of the central figure into the audience. Expressionism is what I imagine is one of the greatest movements.
Death and life? What a great and high contrast! This painting by Gustav Klimt brings out exactly what those two definitions (symbols) mean. Death Which is in the left side of the art piece complements the color used which is cold, sad and somewhat envy.. jealousy.
Klimt shows 'Hope' in this painting. And what the reality of it is. My understanding of this is that the woman in the red and gold cloak is hope, and the figures underneath that are the people reaching out to it. The 'reality' of it is that the majority of women back then had no hope or in this case right. This painting portrays just that.
I admire the textures used in this painting and the colors the artist experimented with. It looks like the artist used water color to have as it is shown multiple blots around the perimeter of the art piece.
When I look at this visual, I interpret only one word. Mystery. The dark night and mostly cool colors bring out a mysteries feel and mood to the audience. That's why I chose this art piece. Because it stood true to it's title 'Nighthawks' and maybe concept of mystery.
The main reason I liked this painting is because it reminds me of operas. It looks like a dome and the carvings, details on the piece
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