This gallery makes use of soothing colors and rolling motions to promote peaceful thoughts throughout the gallery

this painting makes me happy because the rolling of the clouds couples nicely with the soothing nature of the ocean
The soothing blues in this picture along with the soothing continuity of the wings allow for a relaxing experience
The shade portrayed in this painting along with the happy atmosphere allow for a soothing picture
The white sky blends nicely with the deep blue ocean here which makes for a pleasant viewing experience
The deep blue of the ocean here coupled with the light blue of the sky presents a nice contrast while they both convey peace
The setting of the sun here is calming for me because it reminds me of times spent watching the sun set over a ocean and how the vibrant reds and oranges reflect off of the deep blues of the water
This painting makes me have a sense of temporary calm before the storm, much like before a test
This painting creates a sense of peace because of the naturalistic landscape present which, when coupled with the still water allows for a peaceful experience
this painting generates peace through the rays of light that cross from the right corner as well as the still water and the naturalistic theme of this painting.
the soft pinks of the tree and the rich blue of the sky mixed with soft white clouds create a soothing effect
this painting is a perfect example of a landscape that portrays peace, because there are no alarming colors and all colors present here are calming
the sheer amount of blue present in this painting along with the rolling nature of it presents a portrayal of the ocean which to me is a profoundly calming thing
the setting sun in this picture reflects nicely off of the wavy ocean which creates a nice contrast of color which is calming because of the disticnt blue tint of the painting
the ocean here is seen as more tumultuous on the left than the right which shows its dual nature as furious and calm and i choose to see the calm in this picture
Van Goghs portrayal of the night sky in this painting allows an invaluable insight to the mind of a genius who shows us a calming night sky with more movement than we thought
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