Lines are the eyes in art

Throughout history many great artist have risen and have made their mark in history. Through their use of lines they have been able to create what I call the "eyes" in art. Which simply means that which allows us to see an image where little is shown. It is through their use of lines that you can see the image they intended to be seen by their audience.

Painted by Salvador Dali at first may seem as if a young child may have painted it, but its use of lines shows that the intention was to create a scene in which not all was shown but enough for viewers to picture it.
Here we can see what seems to be a man and a woman standing underneath a tree. Through the use of soft lines Dali was able to create a scene in which he says represented Adam and Eves heritage. The use of his lines created nicely curved bodies.
The use of line in this work of Dali hilights the way the body of both the horse and rider work. Dali using lines to highlight the horses muscles and the riders as well, allows the audience to picture these two great strong beings.
Capturing the resurrection of Jesus Christ isn't something easy to do. With the simplicity of lines Dali was able to create another scene that viewers can clearly picture what he was intending to portray.
Here his use of lines creates two beautifully curved bodies that seems to be forming from the grass like strokes on the bottom of the painting. Definitely one of my favorite picture of Dali.
Da Vinci here uses lines to create the physical aspect of a horses great and strong muscles. Capturing the way the muscles worked wasn't easy in his time, but with his techniques in using lines Da Vinci was able to do that and more.
Here in his use of lines Da Vinci was able to create a beautiful sketch of a young woman and her graceful curls. Clearly showing that without the use of lines he wouldn't have been able to create such a beautiful sketch for his audience to enjoy.
Capturing the face of and angry elder seemed to grasp Da Vinci's mind in this painting. With the use of lines he was able to create in great detail how the the face and muscles work when a person is angry and yelling.
Using the element of line Da Vinci allows his audience to picture a rider of his horse. With great and simplistic detail he create a beautiful sense for viewers to enjoy.
Da Vinci here used lines to create the aspects and physical futures of two different people in different angles. Using lines Da Vinci was able to create what to some may seem as doodles, but to many as the extensive research Da Vinci did of the human body.
Van Goh's "Starry Night" is a perfect example of the use of lines. Here we can see a beautiful scene that is brought fourth through his use of many different lines. Definitely a captivating example of what I call the the "eye" in art
Using the element of lines in his art Van Goh was able to capture a beautiful day sense in what seems to be a valley. The field coming to life with its many colors shows the importance of his use of lines.
Here we also see that Van Goh mastered the use of lines to create astonishing works of art. A self portrait of himself done in many different colored lines.
In his painting of Dr. Paul Gachet, Van Goh was able to do it through his use of lines. Very Simplistic but still portraying a beautiful scene.
Van Goh here uses lines to create a simple what detailed room.
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