National war

I chose this theme because other theme for these type of projects are plants, buildings, life, Ect. For war is a rare theme to be chosen. People should see the beauty of war in other forms then blood and chaos. The gallery shows not just a war torn village or pasture it shows support & people outside of the battle. Along with peace before and after. I know much about art. Which helped me pick the right and the wrong to put in. I think a gallery theme like this should included one thing that people except about war. A few with bright colors and a easy understanding. Written and made by Thomas Berry

The Artwork contributes to war Majorly. Showing the harsh zulu war. With tons of wounded and a most likely a defeat for the british.
This Show Pericles A warrior of war. With a spartan helmet. And Bushy Beard which a lot of greeks had.
Set in Paris 1942 during World war 2. Most likely during the control of the Nazis a nation of war.
This shows how civilians can help war.With showing posters & charity to donate supplies to the people in battle.
This Shows the Organization of war. Showing men training for a upcoming Battle.(left) Then we have them trying to ply information from their enemys.(right) In full pastel.
Credits: All media
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