The Red Badge of Courage by            Stephen Crane

Christopher Forrest

"Bravery is an island in an ocean of fear. To be brave, is not to be fearless; Instead it is to be fearful, yet remained unmoved by that fear" -Teal This book is about a young boy who is unsure about being a soldier in The American Civil War but finds his courage in battle. I feel this quote demonstrates what Henry showed on the battlefield.
I like this piece because it shows just what Henry was fearing at the beginning and it shows what he went through when the time came to face his fear. I do not see men running like Henry heard some men talk about but what I do see is men charging forward even though they are scared. "A Day In the Life of" Journal from the perspective of Henry Fleming I like the details in this picture and thinking about how hard the artist worked to get in the looks on the nervous soldiers' faces and such.
This shows some of the tone displayed in the book and what Henry saw and feared. It is interesting to think about how the photographer felt taking this picture.
This is another sad piece of photography that is just interesting to think about.What was being delivered? How did this happen? Text-to-Self Connection I have questioned my own courage in frightening situations in the way that Henry did before battle. I have wondered if I am able to "man-up" and face the consequences for my decisions, "man-up" and do the right thing, etc.
Though this young man could represent Henry with hos brave posture, Henry would be wearing the "Red Badge of Courage" which is a wound on his head to show is valiance in battle. A mandala represent Henry Fleming. "The youth had been taught that a man became another thing in battle. He saw his salvation in such a change."
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