A Bunch of art that does not go together

I love the use of color and the fact you can see distinct brush strokes. The picture looks like it is in motion and i find that to be a cool affect to the painting.
I have always wanted to go to New York. So far I have not gone but looking at this photo makes me wish I could leave right now and visit.
To me this is a very classy and elegant painting. Beautifully painted, this piece looks like it is around sunset at the beach.
Growing up Mulan was the first movie I ever saw in the theaters and my favorite Disney movie. When I saw this photo it brought back many wonderful memories of my childhood.
I picked this piece of art because I think it is really pretty. I love snow and since I live in Florida I can only look at pictures of snow to enjoy it.
This is such a beautiful painting. It is painted so well and with such detail it almost looks like a photograph and not a painting.
It is awesome and cool to see the world made up of each country's flag. This really allows you to see just how unique everything and everyone is.
I just love how different the sculptures look compared to others. These do not have much detail yet even though they are so simple they still have a big impact on the way you think of it.
Baseball is my favorite sport so when I saw this I immediately put it in my gallery.
The way the body is sculpted is interesting. It looks like it has No legs, but at the same time it looks like this sculpture has a bent knee.
Art has definitely changed over the years. Id like to call this "Hipster Art". I like all the color against the white background.
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