RED is power

The red in this painting is used to shower the intensity of the scene using a powerful red so that the view knows things are serious.
The color red in this painting helps describe how powerful the Archangel Michael really is. With the red around his sword and shield showing he is a mighty warrior.
In this art work the artist uses red to show that the god is powerful, and should be feared.
In this painting the color red is use to overpower the other colors in the painting so that it stands out. This adds a powerful sharpness to the painting making it eye-popping.
In this art work the color red is used to describe that importance of the Fifth Dalai Lama and the power they have with their incarnations.
The artist uses red in this painting with different shadings to show which has the most power. Such as the devil up top is the most powerful part of the painting so he is the strongest shade of red.
In this painting red is used to over power the rest of the paint so that the woman wearing the red dress is the first thing you notice.
In this old art work the wanted to show the power of the god so they make the god a sharp red so that people know that the should fear its power.
In this piece the artist shows how important that center person is by making him stand out using red to give a powerful impression.
In this painting that person is wearing a large, sharp red piece of clothing. The red making the viewer know that this person is powerful and should be respected.
In this art work red is through out the whole picture, so that the viewer knows who is in power based off the level of red.
In this picture red is used to show the power of the god in the piece. It shows the how strong the fire by complimenting it with red.
The artist uses the color red to create a powerful setting so that it catches your eye from across the room.
In this painting the artist uses red to show the strength of the horse to hold so much weight by giving the horse a very power look with a sharp red.
In this portrait the person is using red to show that they are a powerful leader that should be known for such power.
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