Control is prevalent in both The Epic of Gilgamesh and The Complete Persepolis. In both of these pieces of writing, there is a great sense of control by fear. The people of the town or country, fear the leader and are often outraged by the things they do. Also, the people are manipulated by their controllers and sometimes cannot even think for themselves. Many of times they are forced to think or do many things that they do not want to. This gallery shows both the point of view of the citizens and the point of view of the rulers. It shows the different types of control between the different writings and the different ways of leading people. Control has always been around and will always be around. There will always be those who are control hungry and those who get crushed by those who are control them.

This picture reminds of Gilgamesh because they speak about how big Gilgamesh is and how powerful he is. Gilgamesh is nowhere near the size of a normal human being and towers over all others. This picture is exactly what I picture Gilgamesh being.
This picture reminds me of Gilgamesh because it is pristine. Gilgamesh would be the type of guy to be riding a golden horse. Also, the man on the horse is very strong like Gilgamesh.
This man reminds me of a good leader and an even better warrior. This man reminds me of someone who wins battles and is a fierce person. That right there basically describes Gilgamesh.
If you look at the name of this picture, it is exactly what Gilgamesh does to all the women in his village. Gilgamesh rapes many women until Enkidu comes and stops him from raping again.
This picture reminds me of the government in The Complete Persepolis. This reminds me of the fundamentalists in Iraq at the time of when Satrapi was living there. The reminded me of a clan that would not allow anything that they did not agree with.
This missile reminds me of when Satrapi's neighbor's house gets bombed by the fundamentalist. They drop many bombs all over her area and they are all very deadly.
This picture reminds me of how the fundamentalist force the women to wear veils. The girl in the picture seems like she is sneaking out from behind her veil in some kind of sensual way.
This picture reminds me of when Satrapi talks about the man being dismembered. The man has his head cut off and looks like he is tied up and tortured.
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