Long Live buddha by: Kristian cioni

My theme is Artwork based of off Buddha in the A.D. time period and what importance it had in that time period in Asia. Also will mention what certain art techniques were used to create these certain pieces of work and what is being portrayed.

This Sculpture was created in Java, Indonesia during 800-899 AD. This Buddha head was constructed out of volcanic stone.The head is also symmetrical.The spot between his eyes is a symbol of all knowing wisdom. This sculpture is potraying Buddha's spiritual awakening and its importance to the Buddhist religion.
This portrayal of the Buddha was created in 400-599 AD. This sculpture is carved out of sandstone. Unity is represented here by creating a feeling of tranquility in the structure. Buddha's hands show indication of preaching. This sculpture of Buddha represents wisdom and teachings of his enlightenment.
400-500 AD. Carved out of sandstone, it depicts different 8 different significant events that occurred throughout the Buddha's life.This is important to my theme because it demonstrates the process of Buddha's enlightenment and his journey. A visual element used here is pattern. Buddha appears in each section of the art.
This sculpture depicts a Buddha gracefully standing on a shallow lotus pedestal which signifies this Buddha is in a transcendent state in which This Buddha is released from the effects of karma and the cycle of death and rebirth. It represents the final goal of Buddhism.
This image depicts the Buddha in meditation pose. chinese began to cast their own bronze Buddhist icons, establishing a sculptural tradition that combined China's own heritage with those of non-Chinese cultures.Four characters are spelled out "yichou sui zao". it translates to made in the yi chou year and indicates the second year of a sixty year cycle, either 965 or 1025 AD.The Qidans (Khitans) of the Liao Dynasty
This piece is made out of bronze and is rare because the exact date is known and is in really good condition.the historical and religious significance, making it one of the most important gilt bronze Buddhist statues in the world.This is important to my theme because of the quality of the art piece and the diversity of it.
This is a painting on a acrylic canvas. Buddha is sleeping under a zelkova tree on the ground and Buddha as a messiah of the country who will be reincarnated. This is important to the theme because reincarnation is a process in the religion.
This artwork was carved out of stone.Crowned Buddhas were popular in eastern India from the tenth century. This stone relief is depicting Buddha's early life as a prince, but also to emphasize the Buddha's role as a universal sovereign.
This sculpture is made from gilt bronze. The artwork depicts Buddha stirring a Medicine bowl. This is important to my theme because the offering of the medicine symbolises Buddha's gift of protection from illness. In Buddha's writing it says when praised properly and believed in that being in Buddhas presence is powerful.
This sculpture is made from Bronze. This is important to my theme because this depicts the Buddha calling on the earth to witness his attainment of enlightenment. This also for some buddhists is a sculpture used to signify early Buddha teachings. Also the jeweled spike on his head is featured in alot of other buddha artwork.
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