Brooke Troy

I chose the theme of dunes, or mountains. I find them incredibly capturing to the eye. In each of my 5 pictures there are dunes, and the dunes for me are the first thing that caught my eye in the picture. Having grown up living my summers on the outer Cape I love dunes, they have always been something that fascinate me and continue to. So seeing all these photos with dunes like I have near my Cape house really made me like the pictures. They are so big and the colors used in each of the pictures allows the dunes to overpower the other things in the picture (usually overpowering the water). Each of the pictures gives off the impression of peacefulness, there are no obvious signs of people in the photos they are mainly based on the landscape.  Each of the pictures somehow reminds me of the cape, and how it is such an amazing place. 

Credits: All media
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