A land filled with art and culture; Greece is a beautiful place that has a very interesting society. Through the importance of the art and the columns and by the people, I present to you the unique lifestyle of Ancient Greece.

Greece was a powerful place that has an equal balance of the finest art and one of the most known democracy and government ways. Enjoy, this fun video about a few facts regarding Greece. 😃😃
This is a natural piece of pottery that has distinct art features showing the skills of the Greek People and the accuracy they had. The picture itself shows the fights people had in their society; battles usually occur between city-states.
The Greek people and their teamwork and the power of their society cause them to achieve materials such as the popular columns that are located all throughout Greece. Without the work of people, we would not have this piece of art.
Art piece that is a decoration made of gold!!
This like the previous picture shows another side of the art in Greece, by using gold to create beautiful jewellery. This is a great example of how people function together to create fine materials. Although this is present in art, this also happens in Literature; most words in the English dictionary has root words from Greece!
Artifacts that has art pieces on it.
The people of Greece itself are broken into different groups. Since the land is quite useless people will live on islands and that causes to have separate government systems. Although one thing is evident is the fact that the mountain and it's elevation over the people is where political leaders would be and it will use both the people and the political leaders to create the full of government of Greece.
Art is everywhere in Greece as it is shown throughout this gallery. This like many other artifacts show the things people work together to achieve. Art pieces like these are beautiful unique things Greece offers.
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