magnificence at large

This gallery includes beautiful buildings around the world, by paintings and pictures.

An alter set in San Francesco A Ripa, a church in Rome, Italy. The colors uses for the altar are so vibrant. This small part of the church represents how beautiful the whole building is entirely.
The interior of a Monastery in France. Churches are beautiful inside and out. Their mighty-ness has been and will continue to be awe worthy.
For me buildings hold true art. They are the final products (masterpieces) of teamwork at its best. They are monumental in every sense.
If buildings block the sun for more than a few hours they are magnificent. They remind us we are small entities in a big world.
Buildings are like us, all different shapes and sizes. Like them we have different purposes. So, we need to appreciate their beauty as much as we need to appreciate ourselves.
Italy is no stranger to beautiful buildings. The Courtyard of the Palace of Dux of Venice is one of many.
Not only are you conversing with the community there, you are surrounded by some of the most elegant and vibrant buildings in the world. This painting does not do justice to the Red Square in Moscow.
Built as memorable triumph of the great Constantine, the arch's beauty only maximizes once you see every detail put into the miniature statues and its walls.
If you are making a gallery full of beautiful buildings, one of the wonders of the world must be included. The white marble building was built for one of Emperor Shah Jahan's late wives.
Last but not least, smallest of the bunch and made of softer material, this sand sculpture of the Belvedere Palace is more so equal to its inspiration. The actual building is in Austria.
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