Harlem Renaissance

By: Peter Turelli

This is a watercolor painting of an African woman dancing in what is obviously Africa, I believe she is dancing because she can hear the music all the way from Harlem.
This painting titled "Nightlife" perfectly describes what life was like at night in Harlem. It was full of places like this you can go and drink, dance, and socialize.
Although Harlem was an almost all black neighborhood, Jim Crow and segregation was still present in the lives of black Americans all over the United States.
A simple painting that is titled "Man in a Vest" this well dressed black man could be a bartender, waiter, or even a performer. But he certainly looks like he belongs in a Harlem speakeasy.
Personally this is one of my favorite pictures in this gallery. This picture shows how music, especially the Blues was such a big part of life in Harlem.
This painting captures a beautiful sight during a summer night in Harlem, it shows how Harlem never went to sleep, and everyone was always out and about. It looks like even children didn't go to bed.
"Old Black Joe" highlights a dark past in black culture. But this time the slave and owner are flipped. This relates to Harlem because it shows how Harlem made blacks feel in power and protected.
This is another example of hows Harlem was a sleepless place and that everyone stay up late. It also incorporates how depended people were on the soothing sound of music.
This scene looks like it could've taken place in a speakeasy late at night in Harlem. The men and women participating in this game of cards are a good example of the parties that took place in Harlem.
This man is obviously a United States military man, he is also black. This shows the opportunity Harlem gave to blacks and the hope that they could become anything they wanted.
Credits: All media
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