advertising is a form of marketing communication used to encourage, persuade or manipulate an audience.

this advertisment really cqaught my eye because it sertenaly does portray how advertising captures the audiences eyes with large headlines and ateractive photography or drawings.
this picture shows a portrait of a woman
this is a poster advertising a universal admission ticket for attractions in paris
here is an advertisement of a can
in this picture it show a man advertising for a restaurant
this is a picture of street art,the artist here is trying to communicate directly with the public.
this is another picture of street art.
this picture is painted in a building
once again, advertisments are shown in an atractive manner to convince the person who is acknowledging the poster to do a purchase or part take a certain thing. the colors compliment the mood of the subject which is war and thats what interests me.
in this picture it shows a woman advertising for a refrigerator. this is a more modern advertisment compared to the other advertisements and i like the coherent and gradual transition of advertisments through out the years.
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