Clouds and blue skies

The theme that has been portrayed throughout this exhibition of works is one which mostly features blue, tranquil skies as well as different types of clouds, suggested by the title ‘Clouds and Blue Skies’. The theme presented is about the beauty and calmness of our environment, as well as the emotive nature and mood of these works, as we are made to interpret many of these artworks in different ways. This is highlighted by many of them featuring techniques such as colour, texture, pattern and a range of materials to help convey an articulate meaning. This theme relates and revolves around the broad subject of the environment in many ways. These range from blue, clear skies, to those filled with clouds, both in gloomy and serene ways. These different aspects in the environment are conveyed throughout many of the artworks, and are shown in many of the context’s portrayed. All of the artworks presented relate to each other in many different ways. First of all, the texture of the great majority of these works is soft and cushioned, using pastel like colours in the setting. This helps to convey to audiences a mood and atmosphere of stillness and peacefulness. To add, the works are also similar, as they all express to audiences the extensive and vast environment in which we are surrounded with, fully absorbed within it’s presence. This is evident within the artworks, as many of the backgrounds shown extend to far beyond places, many of which we may be incapable of seeing and discovering within our world. Furthermore, the openness of many of the artworks conveys to audiences the extent that we and our imaginations can travel and explore, a world of serene Clouds and Blue Skies.

Structural Frame
Subjective Frame
Postmodern Frame
Cultural Frame
Credits: All media
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