Clare 209 sum 1 Xavier Sculptures

There are three paintings that look similiar that I wanted to compare. This one interest me because of the detail of the horse. Being from Texas I have to love horses.
As being a Christian, this painting struck out to me as I was going through the sculptures. The sculpture illustrates just an oridinary man standing there if you don't recognize who that is.
As being a huge fan of Greek mythology is the reason why I chose this for my sculpture gallery. I've been reading and learning Greek Mythology since i was a child, so seeing this brings back good memories.
This is the second picture of a man riding his horse, and the oldest one as well.  "Mounted warrior" is also different cause it is made out bronze. From the sculpture just looking att it you can tell its older than the rest.
The third sculpture is the youngest, and I can relate to this one because it is a cowboy riding it. You can find men doing this still, especially if you go down south enough, k like Texas.
Credits: All media
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