ART 111/224N? vERDUZCO

To me his painting is more of a two dimensional painting rather than a three. But where I can see hope just by looking at the stairs in the dark just like how he did while sitting at the hospital.
Cindy Sherman's portrait of Madonna is a 3D picture of her symbolizing her fame and her beauty of how she use to be when she was young. I like how she uses the different textures on the face and neck.
His painting is symbolizing a clear and 3D picture of how they baptized Christ. This is a symbol of purity, faithfulness to god and your beliefs in today's world. It's a big deal to get baptized.
I like this one because it shows that this mother is somewhat hopeful even though she has a serious face and will do anything for her children (Reminds me not to give up on anything to keep going).
Even though her picture is a tree I see it as a symbol of unity, togetherness, and is a 3D picture. Unity since all the branches seem to be forming and connecting all into one which is pretty unique.
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