Different Textured-Art colleciton

By Jay Fogle

Here is a good illustration of texture, as the artist really bring out the texture of the bricks located on the wall and walls of the castle.
Without adding in color(s) to bring out the textures of the bricks and fence, the artist (Thomas Girtin) places a great detail in the shadow values to bring out the textures.
Love this picture by Samuel Palmer. The texture of the moss on the "cow lodge" has great texture that makes it a bit more realistic to the eye.
Another picture by Samuel Palmer who really places great detail on the moss growing on the barn.
The artist, John Sell Cotman places nice detail in the painting on the textures of the stones throughout this painting.
Here in this painting by Jean Louis Desprez, the texture within the stone has great detail that brings life to the haul/house that portrayed in this picture.
Artist Myung Su Ham, uses a fabric type texture in creating this lunar vehicle.
Artist Myung Su Ham creates a nice work of art in the from of a pistol using fabric-like material.
Artist Myung Su Ham uses a mixture of paints in creating the surface face of the moon here in "The Moon" painting.
Artist Myung Su Ham creates a wonderful art piece of their self using fabric type materials to portray a textured look of their face.
Myung Su Ham uses a flower type texture, with some shadow values, to give the image of a human torso.
Painting by Myung Su Ham using charcoal to give texture to the flower.
Using what seems like heavier oil paint in this "City Scape" painting, artist Myung Su Ham places great detail within the paint's texture in creating a wonderful picture.
This wooden sculpted piece of work by Tong King-Sum really has great texture giving this art piece a unique look.
Credits: All media
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