The Other will suffer

We have portrayed the other as someone who needs to be punished for facing us. This is mostly for those who oppose us in war and political views. We create art to make these people seem like nonhumans. Along with expression of remorse with slaves as we look at the pictures now. And finally oppression of women. These are all examples of the other that we have created over the years.

We put others through pain and promote it through our victory as a country. We bring these people out of the conceptual view as human. We make them seem like beasts who only want harm for us.
Treating slaves like cattle and making them do work that we could never have dreamed of doing ourselves is horrible. We taught out children to think of them no more then cattle who do our bidding.
This depiction of the other occurred after slavery. We depicted women as ones who cooked cleaned and took care of the children. We limited them, and didn't give them chances we had. Such as voting.
The sources of the other is animals. We take people who we disagree with and depict them as close as animals as we can. We make them look like enemies who we should have no emotional ties with.
The treatment of peasant women were worse them property. They were abused and forced to do things they would never have done on their own. Men took advantage of them in horrible ways.
The depiction of africans were something horrible. We thought of them as something that needed to be saved. And we were the ones to do so by bringing them over by ship. And making them our property.
We tied slaves like cattle. If they didn't obey our every word. We would put them in wells with no light for days. It was horrifying. Something we could only do to things we have dehumanized so much.
I believe that this was showing that the redcoats were ass bad as Hitler. They associated them with Hitler who is thought to be as an animal who's life means nothing.
They are assigning the soviets with horrible tensions. Without actually educating people about them they are depicted as monsters.
The Nazis and the Japanese were depicted as these nonhuman things. They showed them as idiots who needed to be put to death with no remorse. And mass killings of their followers is good.
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