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 "Every age projects its own image in its arts"                                                                                                                      The Baroque period can be distinguished through the contrast of dark and light. The art in this period show the dramatic and extravagant scenes by the use of ornamentation and the emotion the art gives you when viewing it. In this period, curved lines were preferred, and much more use, than straight lines. Rubens and Harmensz were both memorable Baroque artists with admirable pieces of art.

The powerful Samson was given his strength through his hair. However,Delilah was bribed to cut Samson's hair. As Sampson is lying on her lap, the people around her cut his hair. The color and ornamentation in this picture is dramatic and shows the scene fairly well. The picture portrays the scene at its highest point - when the Philistines come for Samson.
This painting portrays the mythological story of Europa. In the story, the ancient Roman God, Jupiter, disguised himself as a white bull in order to carry Europa away from her friends to the land that would be named after her. However, this painting holds a common Baroque characteristic. The right of the painting is very dark compared to the left, which is full of color.
The contrast between light and dark is very dramatic in this particular painting. The painting shows the apostle Peter in his cell after being arrested. Peter is the focus point of this painting by the gold glow surrounding him. The emotion that can be seen on Peter's face almost makes you feel sympathetic. Another characteristic of the Baroque are the curved lines, rather than straight.
In The Night Watch, the characters are only seen by the contrast of light and dark. The scene is primarily dull while the people are brought to life with the light and color. The painting itself just gives that dramatic contrast between light and dark. Many people are being overlapped with each other and the scene is full of action, as if you were watching it happen.
Like the Renaissance, portraits were still being painted. However, it is obvious this painting comes from the Baroque period. The right is full of darkness while the left is the complete opposite. The dark background and clothing worn by the Artist makes him pop, and gives the painting a contrast between light and dark.
Straight lines are not even present in this picture. This picture is made up of curved lines and curved lines only. The painting does show the contrast in dark and light. The sky in the background makes the stone below stand out. All of the vegetation are overlapping each other, giving the painting its extravagant setting.
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