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I knew all of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle were given names of artists, but I'd never really delved into their work.  Here I've picked two examples from each of their namesakes.  

I used to draw when I was younger, and hands were something that were always difficult. I picked this rather than a painting because the lines are much easier to see and study.
I'm so used to seeing finished polished pieces from this time that this, which looks almost like someone sketching a comic, gives me a simpler version of Raphael's vision.
What struck me most here were the facial expressions all around. Madonna and look quite serious while the cherubs are all over the place in emotion. To the left is surprise and the right, napping.
Again, I dig this because I can really see the work, but that's not why I chose it. Normally, the warriors I see are younger and armor clad. This doesn't look like someone I'd expect to be heading to war during that time period.
The massive size difference between rider and horse, combined with the unnatural position and weight distribution of the hours seem to go against what I knew about da Vinci. I expect extreme detail to musculature and through that an understanding of natural positioning. According to the details of this piece he struggle quite a bit with this.
Proportion is what grabbed me here. They depict an emaciated Jesus in the lap of the Madonna, but though jesus closer to us it's the Madonna that appears largest. Setting aside their weight, her head is larger, her shoulders more broad. I've seen many depictions of Jesus in Mary's lap, but none quite like this.
Light and shadow. This is Raphael trying something out, but his attention to shading detail and light source make my eyes think they're looking at sculptures. His hands hold much less detail than Michelangelo or Leonardo, but there's still such depth here.
Have to be honest, there wasn't a lot variety in the Donatello selections. I felt this feed with many of the other religious pieces, and it's the first ascension depiction I've seen with Christ sitting on some kind of hill or chair rather than up off the ground.
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