Film and animation

moving images make a story

This is a section of an animation. In this scene, there are a man and a shadow going to attack the man. But we cannot who make that shadow. However, by the hand, the host of shadow directs to the man
This is an instruction of the movie. This is so dizzy, because the letter forms are unusual and some of them are reverse. The question mark deepen the dizziness.
This is the consecutive scenes of the movie. There are three large screens. Those express one landscape of the field. There is a yellow bus. This is like field trip to the safari.
There are some shadows of other people. They do some movement and are captured in that moment. This encourages me to interpret them dynamically. I think this is a scene of play, they makes one story.
He looks so lonely. This theme is popular in thesedays. He has no someone who drinks with. The character looks mischievous, but he is not bad. His activity and sound is attractive.
This is the standard of moving animation. There is a landscape, and some cars drive through the road. The colors are warm and naturalistic. The car is focused.
This feels so vivid and dynamic. All the actors in the center are falling. In addition, other spectators try to do same thing. This is expressed in very remarkable colors.
This is a scene of the movie, Leon. Thesedays, Leon is released in the cinema again. Furthermore, in the most famous tv program in korea, 무한도전, 박명수 and 아이유 makes the parody of this material.
The title delivers the theme of this moment well. This is very realisitc and the mono tone color makes me calm. I am curious what the boy dreams of. The thin boy may dreams of the delicious food.
This is a scene of the animation. Generally, the painting is made of the dot. So, this makes the scene rough. But the main character's face is clear. He thinks of the cake. So cute.
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