Douglas cruz color scheme gallery.

Secondary triadic because the Mixture of two primary colors to create a secondary color. Colors like green, orange, and purple are known as secondary and they can be found all over this painting.
This image shows warm colors because of the red and orange. The painting gives off a warm feeling especially in the sky and the clouds surrounding the man on the horse.
Analogous because the different shades of blue all combine and mix together making the image look calm and soothing. The different shades of blue are very alike none of them are too dark or too light.
cool because the hues in this image are shades of light green and green in general. There are no signs of warm colors anywhere in the image.
Split complementary because there are two or more colors that are exactly opposite to the man color which is red, the two opposite colors are blue and green.
primary triadic because there are the three main primary colors which are red, yellow, and blue.
Monochromatic because there is only the use of one color which is beige. These shades are both dark and light but they are still one certain color.
complimentary colors because the blue and the yellow stars are completely opposite to each other, these colors lead to the production of a white light in the stars/skies.
This image shows tertiary triadic colors because the Primary and secondary colors have been mixed which creates different hues of the colors mixed. red and purple are mixed and so is blue and green.
this image is an example of tetradic color because The color that is being used the most takes up half of the image and that color is like a lime-green. THis painting is "loud" because of the bright intense colors.
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