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This came from the White House. I thought it was really interesting because of the details of it. I think this candle is very beautiful, and really catches the eye. One can tell that this was found in a wealthy place, because of its appearance. I really liked it, because I think its very pretty and different.
I really liked this piece because of the details in her hair. She seems to be wearing a robe. What caught my attention is the gold mirror and gold snake. I think it was very interesting that the artist decided to only make those two things in gold, while he/she left the rest in marble (?). The snake and mirror must be of some importance in the society. This piece was found in the Royal Palace Amsterdam.
WOW! This piece sure is shiny! I am really curious as to WHO wore it, and when they wore it. I really like all the details in this piece. It looks as if this piece is made of beads, and silk. It is beautiful!! This piece was found at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston.
I chose this piece because although there aren't a lot of colors in this art, it is very eye-catching. I think the artist used many different techniques to make this piece. This hawk looks very fierce. The hawk looks like it's getting ready to capture its prey. I like how the artist "watered down" the black and made the piece look more mysterious. This piece was found in the Adachi Museum of Art.
I think this piece looks kind of like modern jewelry. I wouldn't be surprised if someone wore his ring today. It looks as if the ring is made of metals and stones. The skull looks very scary as well. This is known as a memorial ring, which shows that this was how they viewed death. This was found in the Museum of London.
I think this is a very good piece. I like the details in this piece in everything. I also like how all the colors look really good together. The colors really caught my attention. I think this piece shows a typical young girl's afternoon. The girls are either reading, playing with their dolls, or talking to their mother. This scene looks very calm and quiet. This piece was found in the Alte Nationalgalerie.
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