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This gallery is dedicated to depicting the public psyche and personal struggle during the era in which the second World War was fought. The goal of this gallery is to show the differences not only in the culture of all countries involved in the war, but their views on the war as well. All of these will be represented through the majestic art of oil painting

This painting depicts a blind man with his head bandaged walking through the horrors of a concentration camp in Belsen after their liberation. The field they are in appears to be endless and the sky seems dark and ominous. In my view, this painting shows that even though this man, among with all other survivors, have been liberated, they are far from free individuals.
This painting, as evidenced by the title is a work which depicts the rubble and ruin of one of the many buildings decimated during a German blitzkrieg. The figure appears to be a young boy, standing in the center of the debris which represents the loneliness and fear brought on by the tactics conjured by the Nazi forces.
This painting depicts a line of tanks boarding a ship preparing for the storming on the beaches of Normandy. Entering the big red doors one by one through the complete darkness of the doorway represents an unknown fate in a frightening future as it envelops each soldier one by one, soldier by soldier.
This oil painting depicts German troops and evacuees leaving as the allied troops enter. The two forces meet along a long and winding road so narrow they are right next to one another in a constant flow of in and out, showing the apparent never ending conflict.
This is an oil painting portrait of a World War II veteran. I chose to include this photo in the gallery to show the personal side of the conflict. You can see that this man, George C. Marshall, is a refined individual who appears to be warm and welcoming despite the horrors he inevitably witnessed during his time of service. The painting itself may only be a portrait on the surface, but it means a whole lot more when taken the time to look at it.
This oil painting may be my favorite of the gallery as it not only creates a fascinating dynamic, but the moment in history which it depicts I find to be a truly riveting moment in world events. Given the setting depicted and name of the artist, I am assuming the the painting depicts the German invasion of Russia known as Barbarossa. The man represents the determination of Soviet forces against the surprise attack from the Germans, who broke their peace treaty
This oil on canvas painting is the least realistic of the gallery as it ignores background, instead deciding to focus on the main subject, who is a wounded soldier lying on his back. Despite his being wounded, he is still holding his weapon and appears to not be giving up on his mission even though he is using his hands as support to keep him perpendicular to the ground.
This work depicts a night scene in Great Britain during an air raid. The piece itself is quite disturbing as it replaces the usual lighting of the city with roaring flames, some of which are being put out by civilians. The broad brush strokes and scratch marks in the painting push forward the chaos of the situation.
This oil painting is truly a breathtaking image as it gives a new perspective on the action from on high, contrasting the other photos in the gallery as it doesn't depict a personal or ground level scene. There are puffs of smoke in the air and chaos in both sea and sky.
Easily one of the most popular and memorable battles in the Second World War, and also commonly accepted as the turning point of the war where the Allied forces began to take victory, the Battle of Britain is depicted in this painting. This artwork greatly shows the utter chaos of the battle, depicting long trails of smoke from the fighter planes and explosions populating the colorful and surreal painting.
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