What I Like!

Its different by landscape or just even patterns.

I like the art work because it kind of reminds me of the primary colors in a color wheel.
I like this cause I like Italian artwork . Also it gives off how busy and pretty it is.
Shows the destruction of Pompeii
The color is the main focus. Also it catches my eye.
I like this painting for the balance of color.
I like for the trees.
how the parts for sky is use has a tan color.
The view as if you were there.
The castle for my mine view point.
how the the make the ocean look like sky.
I like how he uses shapes more in his painting.
The way he paints to make his landscape is very different.
How the pink stands out.
It reminds me of a movie I watch who had a similar art of the building.
The nice calm color.
The way the sky was made.
How much detail was use.
looks like two pictures like a card.
How he use the color to make it look like a dark day.
How it looks like a beach.
The girl looks like she is trying to die of sadness.
The way waterfalls look in this.
A small city in rocks .
how he made a nice calm landscape.
I like flowers
How the flowers are all different.
Looks like a water fall in the back round.
A pretty doorway.
Looks like a different season from the pink orchard.
Like a fishing trip.
I like how it looks like a place in Italy.
To me it looks like how some can be different from others.
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