Travis Brannan

Evolution of Science

I chose this piece of art because it fits perfectly into the theme of evolving science. The reason I feel it fits so perfectly is because it is a crab that is being classed in taxonomy.
This piece of art is similar to the crab because it is the artists scientific illustration of a type of fish which has details to classify it in a taxonomy.
This Celestial chart was chosen because it depicts early science in which people looked at the stars for guidance. Even though the science behind it was flawed it still represents a stepping stone.
This is an artists rendition of what universes that are parallel might look like. The artists is not an actual scientist nor is his work factual but, I still believe it to be an interesting piece.
This piece of art is done on a petri dish using a cracker, the artist explains that the growing of new mold is similar to the creation of a new universe.
This piece is called solar eclipse I particularly like this piece because the orange represents the earth and the living mold on the orange represents the life on earth.
I chose this art for variety of types of cells, there have been two pieces of art that depict bacteria but none which depict fungus. Bacteria are prokaryotes while fungus are eukaryotes.
Credits: All media
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