Death: into darkness - matt england

The theme of this art gallery is to focus on the idea of Death.  Not just death in itself, but the idea of what comes with it. Some would see death as an evil entity while others seem to embrace a life that has come and gone.  Most of these works of art reflect on a common figure clouded in mystery or the atmosphere of decay. The idea of Death and what comes after is still an unclear mystery but each work details there own history with the subject matter. 

In Lovers Surprised by Death we have a loving couple ambushed by the angel of death. With the male solider pinned to the ground the angel with the face of a skeleton seems to be ripping out the soul.
We see a woman close to death laying on her bed in the final moments of life. When looking at the death character on the left he is pointing his arrow towards her with other creatures surrounding the bed ready to take her to her final resting place.
The queen has falling into darkness. Upon her throne surrounded by riches Death has reached out to her. Here Death seems to be more understanding of life and what the queen represented to her kingdom. Death is not menacing or evil but caring to those that fall to his caring.
Arnold Bocklin painted this self portrait along with what Death would look like in his ending life. Here Death plays along with a fiddle overlooking what could be the artists final work of art. Not tempting but celebrating the end.
This shows two different people in different places in life. One shows a rigged skeleton kissing the forehead of an abstract body. The skeleton figure represents the bodies spirt after death, with the other body representing us keeping the memory of loved ones after death.
Death comes in all ways. Denise gathers with two others in a field when death strolls by. Looking at their faces, they are in complete shock as the event of death is near to them. The idea of death has come in many forms, here Denise knows her time is up when she is not in shock like the others. Death has come for her hand.
Fear, is the closest thing to death. After a storm sailors are drifted into darkness either by the storm itself or Death himself. The sailors drift in a tidal wave with lightning piercing down before them. Death is a mystery and has not yet showed his face or is lurking in the shadows up above in the night sky. Or the sailors have died and this is them crossing the river of lost souls.
A couple resting in bed. The woman a creature of the night herself protects herself from death who is holding a hourglass lunging toward the two. More of a religious piece of work the character of Death here is meant to uphold the laws of God and nature ands acts upon those who go against his favors. When your time is up it is he that comes.
In Death Turned Pilot a crew of sailors have gained a new passenger. After their ships have started sinking the men gained passage in life boats battling the windy seas. Death holding an hour glass has arrived to announce that their time is up. Death is seen up front of the boat taking over as captain, as the real captain is seen floating in the water sinking.
Death on a horse is a sign of the four horsemen of the apocalypse. Here he is riding over men in a battlefield setting as some men struggle to stay alive. In a time of war an everyday battle is what separated you from certain death. Most if not all big wars were a sign of world ending proportions. Death on a Pale Horse is these mens sign of a pending doom that awaits them all.
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