Artists of the renaissance

By: Mia Shpiner

I chose this sketch of two warriors heads by Leonardo da Vinci because of the distressed and dark look the two warriors display on their face. The man on the left's face shows an emotion that is rare to find, so disturbed and hurt. I can tell it is from the renaissance because of the emotion displayed on their faces that was significant about this time period.
This artwork by Sandro Botticelli conveyed a message to me because of the pleading state the women on her knees is in. The man, carrying an ax, looks as if he was going to kill somebody the women desperately didn't want dead. It shows Renaissance characteristics of perspective in the background and the pleading, real emotion of the women showing in her whole body.
This magnificent painting by Albrecht Durer shows different, real meanings, which is why I chose it for my gallery. The city exploding or being attacked in the background implies that the two women and man are trying to escape or flee a bad situation. It shows emotion, perspective, and motion, which hints that it is from the Renaissance time period.
I chose this artwork for my gallery by Raphael because of the connection with the people that makes me feel as if I were pleading with them. The men on the boat look as if they need something from this God or perhaps Jesus. The detail makes it look so realistic and sends desperate feelings to the viewer, capturing the person inside the scene. The perspective, realistic emotion, and movement of people indicate that this is a work from the Renaissance.
Credits: All media
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