This gallery contains a variety of art created by contemporary artists.  While the viewer will notice artistic similarities among some pieces, there will be others will be very different.  Artwork contained in this gallery was chosen because a horse was the main object in the work.  Horses are awesome creatures and the artists creating this work do an incredible job to illustrate the horse’s beauty, power and energy.    

Katona's "Horses" is the oldest piece in the gallery. This painting shows horses eating and a man watching them. The emphasis is on the horses, while the man appears to be only partially drawn.
Kasiiulis' painting from the 1950s is very abstract, with bright colors. While the title is "Horse Rider", it is the horse that seems to be the primary character, looking very proud.
Ivanov's painting is also very bright and shows 4 playful and happy horses. The colors are intended to please children and obviously, scale was not a consideration in this painting.
Very light colors are used to show how Olympism was the product of the horse. The horse is not drawn to scale, but the power of the horse's body is illustrated by the stance.
This black and white photograph shows horses in the stable right before a big race. While the horses are the main characters, it is obvious the one closest to the camera is the star of the show.
The girl and horse both seem to be the emphasis of this painting. Overall, the painting seems to illustrate speed, harmony and freedom to the viewer with girl and horse running away to be happy.
Even street artists will paint horses. This is the most sad picture in the gallery, because the horse looks sick, frightened and angry. His mane is wild and there is not a pretty background.
Xikun has many paintings of horses. This rendering merely uses shades of black to illustrate the horse. The horse is looking back, as if to say goodbye. The horse is powerful and strong.
A purple horse on a white background clearly indicates the artist wanted the viewer to notice the horse. While the coloring is odd, the horse looks very calm and beautiful.
Xikun uses more lifelike colors in his work "Double Horses". The horse seem to be hugging each other and a peace with each other's company.
The last painting by Xikun is the best, with the artist emphasizing the speed, power and energy of the horse. While the background colors are bright, the darker colored horse stands out.
Credits: All media
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