Relief Sculptures

Is this a realistic depiction or not? If the artist didn't have photographs, how did they create this?
How would ancient art be different if all the paint remained on sculptures?
How did the artist create a sense of depth?
This artwork could be described as abstract. What do you see and why?
Why do you think the artist did not add any other color?
Why would someone decorate a chair this much?
Knowing that parts of this work of art are broken off, can you really understand this work of art?
Why would an artist want to use relief sculpture instead of doing an oil painting?
How difficult would it be to make this work of art? Why?
If you could rename this work of art, what would you name it?
Can you judge a book by it's cover?
Do you think one person made this, or many? What is your reason for your guess?
How would this work of art change if it was in museum and not outside?
Why would someone put an animal on their gravestone?
This artist used both relief sculpture and oil painting. Why use both?
What animals do you see in this relief sculpture?
Does scale matter? How would this work of art be different if it was the size of your palm?
What feeling do you get from this work of art? Why?
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