Elements of art

I have neither given nor received unauthorized aid on this work. Jack McCarthy 

The texture in this picture is very rough. This is because of the way the artist used the brush. When you zoom in you can see every stroke the artist made making the texture the way it is.
The value in the scream goes from the sky to other places in the picture. It is darkest where the Artist wants you to look. It is lightest where the author really does not want you looking.
The color in this painting descries the peoples moods. The color purple means happiness/laughter. This implies that the men are happy and like to have fun.
The lines in the photo are individual lines meaning that each line describes is own place in the photo. You also can see that lines make up the bases of the photo.
The shape of the sculpture is very free formed. It is very oddly shaped because of free form.
Space in this photo is 2-d. This makes the picture pop and gives it it's definition. With out the space the picture would not be the same.
The form has shape constancy. This is portrayed in the photo. This gives us the sense of the object being what is.
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