Brooke H

I like this painting because it looks real like but its made out of a ton of little dots. I also like it because it shows how people use to dress and it reminds me of the present how people go to lakes or rivers for picnics and to hang out with other people. Also it was on the Loony toones.
I like this picture because it reminds me of my dad because its harvest time so he is gone all day. But it also makes me think about how the had to actually cut everything down them selves and about how much hard work that it would be. And it makes me happy that our world is so advances with new farm equipment that makes it easier days and less says to cut everything.
I like this painting because the face and fingers look so real like then the rest looks a bit fake but that make me more drawn to it because it make s you want to focus on the face.
I like this pictures because the scenery is amazing it is so pretty it looks fake but real at the same time and i love the border!
I like this photo because it reminds me of Disney World and the movie pirates of the Carribean . I like that movie and love Disney World it reminds me of it so much :)
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