Alkaios (hercules) and mythology

This gallery focus much on the triumphs and stories surrounding Hercules other gods like him. Through the use of formal elements you can see details of the story unfold. 

This piece depicts the God Zeus coming to the rescue of his mortal love from a burning post. The use of lines make a clear separation from the immortal world to the mortal one and expresses the story.
Its all fun and games here as hercules is kicking out his friend from his bed. Here we also see the focus being drawn into the center with the on lookers of the humor pointing out the action.
The battle between cupid(love) and Pan(lust) emerges as the artist uses a focus point to show the action. The artist also breaks up the main color scheme with the ocean at the center to draw attention
After a battle between Zeus and Cronus, the titans are thrown into the underworld and show their of expression of hopelessness. Scale of the foreground adds visual depth against the smaller characters
Hercules is seen here on his chariot along with him is his vanquished demons that he is providing as gifts for his future bride. The space in this image creates a visual story as well as depth.
One of Hercules accomplishments was saving Alcestis from hades and returning her to her husband. we can see hades blend into the color palate possibly to show the focus of the story is at the center
At battle against a snake headed beast erupts! Hercules stands tall as depicted with his arm swinging a club for the final blow. The artist has made him bigger than the creature and scaled the battle over the town.
Hercules is seen here being announced to the heavens of his triumphs. The artist used emphasis by making him the center of the painting. We also see an eagle grasping the hero to show Zeuses backing
Here hercules is taking a rest from his adventures, however his head is not resting or relax, he seems to be keeping an eager eye. Visual depth is created by the artist scaling hercules to be larger.
Credits: All media
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