Into nature 

Visual Arts 

I would like to go here, this is considered fine art because it was made purely to appeal to the eye. The photograph taken was captured by an artist looking to spread the beauty of the Redwoods.
I like Van Goghs work, this painting is a piece of fine art. The artists tries to portray emotion through his works and this piece serves only as a picture.
I love how useful and beautiful this piece is. This woven basket is a fine art and a craft. Although it is considered art because of its creation, it serves a functional purpose as well.
I enjoy the small detail on this painting. This picture of Mountain Mitoku Sanbutsu-ji Temple could serve two purposes, one as a painting, and two, as a map. Therefor this is fine art and a craft.
I like the way there are many trees carved into the sides of the plate. This is considered a fine art because of the intricate designs on the plate, and also a craft because it is functional.
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